Tea Infuser Set - Calming Botanical
Tea Infuser Set - Calming Botanical

Tea Infuser Set - Calming Botanical

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Try a sustainable way of drinking tea. Sink deep into a warm cup of our best-selling loose leaves with a reusable bamboo strainer. Choose between our comforting Calming Botanical Tea or energizing Dragonwell Green Tea and start your journey to easy and satisfying tea drinking.
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  • Calming Botanical Loose-leaf Tea Leaves
  • Bamboo Strainer
If brewed and re-steeped as directed, this set gives you approximately 28 cups of tea. 

About Calming Tea:
Brew a cup, calm your mind and leave the rest to a soothing blend of chamomile, peppermint and Indian decaffeinated green tea. 


Organic chamomile, organic peppermint, organic Indian green tea decaffeinated, organic scullcap herb, organic wood betony, organic catnip herb and stevia herb

Caffeine Level:


Brewing Instructions:
1.5 tsp Leaves

212° Brew Temp

8 oz Filtered Water

6 Min Steep Time 

This tea may be resteeped 2 times for maximum usage.  Add 1 minute for each subsequent brew. To preserve flavor, protect dry leaves from light, moisture and air.

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