Moroccan Mint
Moroccan Mint

Moroccan Mint

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An exotic blend of mellow green teas, mint, and a hint of lemongrass combine a crisp and brightly flavorful cup. Refresh your taste buds by adding ice and a splash of sweetener to create a supercool version of this tea. Includes 1 oz of loose leaves.
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Organic green tea, organic peppermint, organic lemongrass. 


China & US

Caffeine Level:

15-30 mg

Brewing Instructions:
1.5 tsp Leaves

180° Brew Temp

8 oz Filtered Water

3-5 Min Steep Time 

This tea may be resteeped 3 times for maximum usage. Add 1 minute for each subsequent brew. To preserve flavor, protect dry leaves from light, moisture and air.

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