Dry Body Brush
Dry Body Brush

Dry Body Brush

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Pamper your body to perfection with this bathroom essential. This Japanese body brush is made of high quality Sisal fibre from the agave plant and is used for a traditional health practice called “dry brushing”. Shaped to hug your body, the natural plant bristles will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and invigorated. Improve lymphatic drainage, stimulate circulation, detoxify and exfoliate your body as you journey through the magic of dry brushing with this tool.
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Brush Care: 

Wash your brush in warm soapy water about once a week. Hang in a well-ventilated area to dry. 

This brush is plastic-free and is made from 100% natural sisal fibers with an easy hanging rope. 

9” long. Bristle fall out is common when using it for the first time. 

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