Blessings Incense
Blessings Incense

Blessings Incense

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Ignite Your Senses. Let this ancient tool of hand-rolled ingredients purify your environment and aid meditation. Inspired by Tibetan methods, this natural and powerful smoke is known to relieve depression, stress and anxiety. Enjoy a traditional incense stick without a bamboo core to provide a solid and full fragrance.
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To burn incense, simply light the end of the stick with a lighter or match. Once it’s ignited, gently blow the flame out. The incense will glow and begin to produce smoke. Place your incense in an incense holder on a fire-resistant surface and let it go. The burning time will vary, but is generally somewhere between 60 and 90 minutes. When it’s done burning, the incense extinguishes itself. Or you can burn half a stick and then turn it upside down in salt or sand to extinguish. The remainder can be burned at another time. 

40 count - 5" sticks

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